Liebre is a queer Ecuadorian fashion brand that explores flexibility and freedom through their designs.
It was born from the need of having genderless garments that can be used in different ways, with the sustainable view of having less clothes but more flexible ones.

Freedom is important for us, in fact Liebre’s slogan is ¨FREEDOM CLOTHES¨, we think clothes shouldn’t be limiting, they should be able to adapt to different situations and also into the future trends. This concept is applied through garments that have a design thought and made to have more than two ways of being worn and that can be styled into sportive or formal outfits, inspiring our buyers to invent even more ways of wearing them.

We use plenty of different materials, each design asks for different fabrics for having their maximum potential, from mesh to cashmere, we try to equilibrate the quantity of synthetic fabrics by also using natural ones.

Ethics and inclusivity are progonists in our work and business environment. In fact all the members of our team are woman or part of the LGTBIQ+ community. We have an horizontal and empathic treatment for everybody :)